I grew up in a tiny town in Wyoming listening to stories of life on the ranch, Catholic school and running moonshine.  I watched my mother cook “ranch food” (which I lovingly refer to anything she made for my father during the years when my siblings and I were small) and do her best to keep preservatives from touching our lips.  My cooking is all about comfort and I read recently that in order to channel our grandmothers through our food, all we have to do is cook with love!

Hi. My name is Laura. I am writing this blog to fulfill an item from my Bucket List, which is to write a cookbook.  I started putting together my first cookbook when I was in college.  I got busy with a toddler and a crazy class schedule and never finished it.  I have been compiling, testing, modifying, organizing and collecting recipes ever since.  Now is the time, this is the place. Thanks for stopping by!

You can find me on Facebook at You Bake Me Crazy.  See you there!

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