The Beginning

It was an ordinary day, if you consider being 7 months pregnant with pre-term contractions, meditating at work to get through it all,  ordinary.  So yeah.  Anyway, seriously it was a pretty regular day at work.  I remember looking up from my desk at the sound of the door alarm and seeing two people coming toward my office.  They wanted something from me and honestly I was cranky.  I heaved my belly (yes, I already had a belly at this point) out of the chair and walked, smiling my “work” smile, and welcomed them to our community.  They were looking for an apartment and I was an assistant manager at a large San Diego apartment community.  I had the perfect apartment for them, and it was really close to the office so I wouldn’t have to waddle very far to show it to them!  Bonus.  I showed them #5, the old manager’s apartment.  It was pristine and had a Winnie the Pooh mural painted on the wall in the smaller bedroom.  They loved it…of course.  Slam dunk.

Little did I know on that day, 10 years and two divorces (his and mine) later I would be married to that cute Naval officer.  Funny how life and love work.  I never believed in love at first sight until I met my Navy boy.

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