About Me (2009)

Everytime I read this it makes me laugh.  This is my “About Me” on my personal Facebook page.  I need to change it but couldn’t bear to just delete.  So, here it is for all to giggle at.

I work too much…a product of a crazy job as well as an addiction to work (something that my new baby son is helping me with!). I love a good sappy chic novel. I don’t know what I would do without my Ninendo DS, PSP, my new NOOK and my Ipod. I’m a sucker for a cool gadget. I love bicycling but since the move to WA I haven’t been on either of my bikes. I love motorcycles and will own (my own) Harley before I keel over. I like wine, I’m an amateur connoisseur. I loved the two years we spent living in our RV..I highly recommend it to anyone needing some peace. Mr Right and I got married in Vegas…I highly recommend also!! Vegas is a good weekend getaway..I think I’ve “gotten away” about 30 times! I like to draw but don’t get the opportunity to indulge very often. I’ve tried to “get” a hobby…I have the attention span of a gnat at times and I hate doing things I can’t do well…so that limits my options.I am an easy person to like but hard to get to know. I wear my emotions on my sleeve but keep who I am close to the chest. I am easily entertained and love to laugh. I try not to take too many things too seriously. I enjoy a good cup of coffee, an icy Crown and 7, any drink made with Vodka  and time spent relaxing in the sunshine….can’t live without sunshine. We have a house filled with musical instruments but I can’t play anything worth a darn…I enjoy listening to Mr Right and Number One Son play – they are both amazing musicians. I know a lot of people but have very few that I consider true friends. My husband is first on the list and the only one I’ve ever truly been able to count on. I love my family and wish I wasn’t too old to have more children..I’d fill my house with them all over again!

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