Adventures in Cooking (#5)

The ever-elusive pie crust.  Could flour, fat and liquid truly be my nemesis?  Possibly separately, but together?  I have tried for years to make thin, delicate crust and failed miserably every time.  It turns out thick (although somewhat tasty) and ugly.

My most recent attempt resulted in the largest scale failure to date.  Batch after batch turned out slightly dry and completely un-rollable.  Finally, in a moment of desperation I consulted my Betty Crocker cookbook (the one I’ve had for 25 years) and found a recipe for Oil Pastry.  I had nothing to lose, I threw away all 6 batches in various states and mixed together the flour, oil and milk.  Rolled between pieces of waxed paper it was like the clouds parted and sun shone down on my crust.  What a relief!  It actually worked!!  It rolled out in a somewhat circular shape (never been able to do that before); it was thin and actually fit in the pie plate.  I was in awe.  Fully cooked it was delicate and flaky.  A miracle!

My mother has promised to teach me the tricks of pie crust (again) but honestly I’m not sure I’m going to loosen my grip on the Oil Pastry idea given the fact that it turned out exactly as it was supposed to….on the first try.  I’m still amazed.  If I can make this and it turns out perfect on the first try, ANYONE can make it.  Promise.

I will post this inspiring recipe for everyone else that is crust challenged,  Hang in there my friends.  There is help on the way!

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