A Good Pan is Hard to Find


Ha Ha!  Yep, I’m one of those women who already found a good “man” and started hunting for a good “pan”.   I’m not talking about frying and sauce pans, I’m referring to baking dishes.  There are so many different types and brands out there, how do you know which one(s) to choose?  Do you prefer metal, ceramic, stoneware, cast iron, or glass?  Personally, I like them all.  The real decision point, for me at least, has been price, which means that for years all I’ve had in my kitchen has been metal and glass.

A few years ago, I stumbled upon Good Cook, a kitchen ware and bakeware company.  Apparently today, they are the nation’s number one selling brand.  I can totally understand why.  Their products are decent quality at great prices.  I picked up a few ceramic pans, partly because I like to cook in ceramic and partly (ok mostly) because their pans are RED.  I have a problem with red in the kitchen, I need every red item I lay my eyes on.  Is it even possible to “lay” your eyes on something?  I said that all wrong, but I’m sure you get my drift.  Anyway, these pans are phenomenal. They distribute heat evenly so your brownies, breads, casseroles, or whatever you are cooking turn out great every time.  They clean up magically.  Seriously, just run them under hot water, add a little dish soap and wipe clean.  Even the cooked on stuff you think you will never get off (or at least have to soak for a week) comes right off.  I love these pans.

As far as price, they are the most reasonable ceramic dishes on the market, ranging from $10 to $20 per pan.  It’s exciting, isn’t it!!  They have a 9 inch pie pan, a 9 inch bread pan, a 2 quart square pan, a three quart lasagna pan (yes this is the pan I always talk about!), and a 2.5 quart rectangular pan.  I own two of each.  It’s great!

If you need some awesome new, cool red, baking dishes…or frankly even if you don’t…run out right now and buy one.  Give it a try.  My bet is that you will love it so much that you will be out searching for the entire set.  Amazon has the entire set, as does the company website of course (www.goodcook.com).

Oh, and if you need some great new, cool red, kitchen tools, they have those too!

Some of you reading this right now are thinking, why buy this stuff when you can have Le Creuset stoneware and Lodge cast iron?  Well, you can certainly fill your kitchen with whatever you prefer.  I own one Le Creuset pan and honestly cannot tell the difference in the food I cook in it as compared with my favorite ceramic or glass dishes.  As for cast iron, I haven’t forayed into that realm yet.  If you love cast iron, tell me all about it. Lure me in with your stories of culinary perfection.

Happy (cool red) Baking!!


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