The College Book

Oh my, I had totally forgotten that I actually made and distributed copies of my college cookbook.  The one I have is in shambles and I guess over the years, in my mind, it became the prototype that never saw completion.

When I expressed my interest in writing my own cookbook, my dad bought me the computer software (on floppy disc) and I remember sitting for hours when my daughter was asleep for the night,  typing and cataloging recipes.  I suppose I should have been studying!  Back then, in the dark age of the computer,  I had a Zenith “IBM Compatible” system and a dot matrix printer.  Nothing was in color, unless you consider the lovely amber or green font color on the screen.  The software had a few “clip art” selections for the different sections of the book but they were BAD.  Do you remember dot matrix and the old-time computers?  They really had no graphics capabilities so the images that you got were all very pixellated and looked more like something from a child’s coloring book.  How far we have come…amazing.

Thank you so much to Traci and my Mom for reminding me that I actually did finish that project, at least phase one.  Now, more than 25 years later, it’s time for phase two!

Have a wonderful Friday and an even better weekend everyone!


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