Adventures In Life (#1)

This is one of my daughters favorite stories to tell if she is trying to embarrass me.  Britt, I am beating you to the punch this time!

I know I’m not the only woman plagued by facial hair, but at times I honestly feel that I was born with a little more testosterone than most females.  I have hairy legs, bushy eyebrows and lip and chin hair that refuses to leave me alone!  Anyway….

Before the days of the daily plucking (when I was younger, much younger) I don’t remember facial hair ever really bothering me until one day…

I was looking in the mirror and realized I had a mustache.  I don’t mean a little peach fuzz. What I saw in the mirror rivaled a good handlebar!  I remember just staring at myself wondering how on earth I was going to get rid of this humiliating fur on my upper lip.  Then it came to me.  Of course!  Duct Tape!  I ran to the tool box and pulled out a roll and went back to the bathroom mirror.  I tore off a small piece and promptly applied it to my upper lip, making sure to press it down firmly…don’t want to take any chances that I might miss a few hairs.  I took a deep breath and ripped.  I know I must have screamed, I don’t remember.  I think I have blocked it.  Along with most of the hair on my lip went several layers of skin.  And I think I was bleeding.  I know you are laughing at this point because I am.  I think this is easily one of the most ridiculous things I have ever done…and maybe the most painful!

Let’s just say once my face healed I switched to less damaging methods for hair removal!

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