Adventures In Life (#3)

Cycling.  I love, love, love riding my bike.  In San Diego it was a much better experience than in Washington, with a few exceptions.

Right after I bought my mountain bike and my road bike I bought Shimano clipless pedals and shoes that I could use on both bikes.  It’s quite an experience the first few times you ride with your feet clipped in.

We were riding at Miramar Lake.  Everything going smoothly right up until the time we got back to the truck.  I was riding up with the intention of unclipping and stepping on the curb right near the front wheel.  I remember thinking, okay I’m almost there time to get my foot loose.  I tried.  And tried. My foot would not come unclipped.  I came up to the truck struggling, my bike fell sideways and I ended up underneath our Ford F350.  Yep..all that was sticking out was my bike.  I have no idea how it happened.  If I replay it in my mind I really don’t see, logistically, how I could have possibly fallen “under” the truck.  But there I sat.  My family rode up, laughing and pulled me out.  I was aggravated, frustrated, bleeding and laughing.

We were riding at Marion Bear Park, having a good afternoon.  My husband, of course was ahead of the rest of us.  My son and I were struggling to climb a hill and once at the top he stopped to wait for me.  I was moving slowly and anticipating stopping at the top, I started attempting to unclip.  I tried.  And tried.  I rounded the top of the hill, still not unclipped, and hitting a top speed of zero I fell, once again, sideways.  This time into a fence.  Unclipping while laying tangled in a fence is even more difficult than upright cycling! My son was laughing and in between the gasps asked if I was alright.  It was crazy. Somehow I got my left foot lose and then my right foot and stood up, once again bleeding and laughing.

Every time I rode my bike within the first 6 months of purchasing the new pedals I fell into or under something.  It was quite an experience.  My legs were scratched, bruised and scabbed but I was having the time of my life!

Live to ride…Ride to live (technically a Harley Davidson term but it applies here as well!)

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  1. Robert A. Kleeman says:

    Excellent stories, and precisely why I’ve never migrated from a well cinched toe clip. I KNOW I would eat it with these new pedals. Good on ya for telling the tales, and laughing through it.

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