Adventures In Life (#4)

Before we purchased our Kayak, we did a lot of research.  We tested out several models and took lessons.  We finally decided upon a Feathercraft K2.  Feathercraft are skin on frame kayaks that fold into backpacks.  Totally awesome for two people living the gypsy life (as were were then).

At any rate, my story goes back to to the kayaking lesson.  We signed up the whole family and went to Mission Bay.  We each got outfitted with gear and got in our kayaks.  We were sitting near the dock listening to the instructor give us the list of the do’s and do nots.  No sooner had he finished with the do nots than he asked us all to practice back paddling and turning.  I gave it all I had and promptly went head first into the water.  I came up and with patient instruction, I got back into my boat.  When I was finally sitting upright again, I looked at my family.  They were all sitting stone still in their boats staring at me….waiting for the explosion.  Apparently they were all silently and individually preparing to get out of their kayaks and promptly go home as they were all sure that I would not want to continue given I was soaking wet, cold and potentially humiliated at that point.  Well, I surprised them all and did not, I repeat DID NOT throw a temper tantrum that day!  I sucked it up and went through with the lesson and had a very good time despite the hiccup at the beginning of the day.

Where there is a sport my family is engaged in, there is always an embarrassing, sometimes painful and crazy funny situation that Mom (me) finds herself in.  You just have to laugh it off and move on!

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