Busy Busy

I think about this blog and my book every single day.  And every single day I run out of hours doing the things I need to do for my family.  This project is important to me so I have a new plan, which also incorporates needed exercise into my daily routine.  Here’s my plan:  each day I will get up and get on the treadmill no later than 6:45am, spending at least 30 minutes improving my health after which time I will make a cup of coffee and spend at least 30 minutes in front of my computer working on my book.  If successful, by the time my 44th birthday roles around (in approximately 6 weeks) I will have lost weight (don’t care how much) and have over 100 recipes and posts on this blog.  Sounds great in theory, putting it into consistent practice is typically where I fall short.  I have fitness apps on my iPhone, etc to help keep myself on track but like many others I have a problem holding myself accountable when it comes to “self improvement”.  Each year, right before my birthday I get motivated to do something good for myself…but it usually peters out and ends in another EPIC FAIL.  So why do I think this time will be any different?  I don’t really, but I have to keep trying!

I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for hanging in there with me!!

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  1. ubakemecrazy says:

    Funny thing. The day after I posted this I was in the hospital having unexpected surgery. Really? Life is crazy. Now time to get back on track…..if there is such a thing!

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